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More and more Czechs yearn to own property abroad. Their own apartments, villas, cottages by the sea. GOLDEN CASTLE Company Ltd. decided to help you fulfill your dreams and desires. We extend our offer of properties abroad.

Do you own a cottage, a flat or other property in the Czech Republic, which you don’t use? Sell ​​it over us, we will find a second home for you abroad by the sea and you can go on holiday with friends to the sunny sea coast. Alternatively you can rent the property at sea and earn some money.

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On the occasion of your holiday (if you would like to buy some property there) in Turkey you can visit some properties. Just let us know in which hotel in Alanya you are, and our business partners in Turkey will pick you up at the agreed time and date at the reception of your hotel.

During your stay in Turkey you will have our full attention and we will answer all your questions. Each year a number of foreign clients who invest in real estate on the Turkish Riviera is growing. Do not hesitate to come to the Land of Crescent Moon to find your second home near the sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches with our help.

Real Estate in Turkey - an excellent opportunity to assess their financial resources.

Turkish Riviera is spread over 8000 km along the coast, which means that there is a large coastal area, where the beautiful resorts such as Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer, Side are. Up to 300 sunny days a year with an average temperature of around 30 ° C attract large number of tourists.

This countryside offers a high standard property and design services as well as services related to purchase, for very favourable prices, starting from € 32,000.

Citizens of the Czech Republic can easily acquire property to their personalty as a natural person in Turkey. The important thing in Turkey is that military headquarters approves foreigners’ real estate buying. The Army must certify that the property is not located in a military zone. This event usually takes around two months.

The moment you decide to buy a property in Turkey, you pay for the reservation and then our business Turkish partners make the purchase contract. This is a contract in the English language. An interpreter must always be there for the negotiation and signing of contracts. 20% of the purchase price has to be paid to deposit after signing the purchase contract. Next, the local land registry office has to be asked to transfer the title deed. In Turkey serves as a piece of property so called (TAPU). Official document ensuring ownership of your property. They will also need personal information such as: name of father and mother, passport copy, 4 pieces of photographs, tax number. Our Turkish business partner applies for the tax code for you.

Subsequently, the local land registry office sends a request to military authority to Izmir to obtain written confirmation that the property is not located in a military zone (usually a formality). Once things go right and we will contact you to arrange a day and time when you come to the land registry office in Turkey.

In the ideal case, land sellers, buyers and real estate agent office will be there. If you can not come to the land registry office, the agent realtor can deal it with power of attorney to. An interpreter will also be present at the hearing of the court, according to Turkish law. Before the final transfer deed is required to pay the remainder of the purchase price and taxes on real estate. Register your property to the village (Iskan).

If you are already registered on the title deed and you have the keys to your new dream estate, our work does not stop there. We will help you to sign up and join water, electricity, telephone, secure property insurance. We help you in organizing your apartment or villa. If you want to make some further adjustments, we can arrange some professional staff.

We provide timely periodic payment to avoid the authorities deal with invoice payment. You can be also sure that someone checks your property at regular intervals.

When all is arranged, we wish you a beautiful use of your dream real estate and thank you for the trust you have placed in us.

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 Cape Verde

Glorious beaches, stunning scenery, colourful colonial towns, a laid back way of life, carnivals, music festivals and a warm, sunny, dry climate of 26-28 degrees all year round – the ten tiny individual but beautiful islands offer incredible cultural diversity, from white sandy beaches nestled in blue green waters to elevated tropical forests. Only 1600km south of the Canary Islands and 500km off the coast of West Africa, these islands provide investors and holiday makers with all the attractions of a tropical destination but just a few hours from Europe – and no jet lag. With a growing number of direct flights from the UK and Europe, Cape Verde is now an easily accessible holiday paradise that is steadily growing in popularity with tourists from all over the world.

Why are Cape Verde Islands so unique? Very comfortable weather and temperatures of 26-28 degrees giving all year tourism. You can swim in the warm sea of 20-21 degrees even during Europe’s winter. Beaches with little or no humidity making your holiday such a beautiful experience. Exotic holiday very close to Europe. Very good economic and democratic political climate which has meant no civil unrest. Very nice people who are friendly can make your holiday special thanks to their motto “Hakuna matata!” alias “No stress!” You can see this way of life in every detail of the country. When you are here you just feel this life style and you become to be a part of it. Amazing experience!

If you like adventures holiday more, don’t hesitate to go on some of the beautiful trips: watching lemon sharks from 50metres, watching dolphins. Look at the Blue Eye or see the mirage (Fata Morgana). You can learn kite surfing with experienced trainers, ride a horse or just walk along the beach for hours. You can visit the capitals of the Islands or go for the trip all around the island.

Enjoy your holiday, come to stay here for longer time or just move here! You won’t find more calmer and lifelike country in the same time anywhere else in the world. Gorgeous, beautiful peaceful and such a friendly part of the world you cannot pass over.

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